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Luther Dowiot, helper, Powell

Luther always has a positive “get it done” attitude no matter the task assigned. Currently he is leading five new employees through their duties and keeping up with his normal work load without any complaint. Luther embodies all of the values of the TriMet Way, particularly doing the right thing – he is willing to take on any task. Shelly Lomax says, “Whatever you ask him to do, you can consider it done!”

Thank you Luther for all that you do!


Charlotte Hughes, Operations assistant, Powell

Charlotte’s great attention to detail is one of the many reasons she has been called the “glue that holds our administrative staff together.” She manages and sets all required stakeholder meetings, paying attention to schedules and shifts to ensure that it is done at the lowest possible cost to the agency. Charlotte has also undertaken the task of monitoring Powell’s attendance closely, which has created a culture of accountability at the garage. When she is out of the office, she is greatly missed and the staff is greatly relieved when she returns.

No task is too small for Charlotte and she exemplifies all that is good about TriMet.


Tony Dauenhauer, bus operator, Merlo

Operator Dauenhauer, “did the right thing”. After servicing a stop, Tony noticed a van parked along the street in an unusual position. As he pulled alongside the van, he saw a woman in the passenger seat trying to get his attention and mouthing “call police.” Tony also noticed another person in the van. He pulled the bus over, secured it, and walked back to the van only to find the passenger gone and the woman obviously shaken. She said she needed the police because she had a restraining order against the man who had been in the van. Tony escorted the woman to the side of the bus and called dispatch for a police response. He noticed a large knife on the passenger seat, which had belonged to the man who had been there. Tony notified the woman that the police were on the way and slowly got ready to resume service so he could make sure that police were there to protect her.

Tony has now been subpoenaed to appear in court to testify against the man, which he is more than willing to do because he knows it is the right thing to do.

Thank you Tony for doing the right thing.


Geoff Winn, assistant supervisor, and Ed Trimpler, maintenance supervisor, Powell

Geoff and Ed supervisor the swing shift at Powell garage. For the last year, Powell has been without a service supervisor, and Ed and Geoff have been filling that void supervising their mechanics and the service shift. In addition, they have been keeping the service team actively engaged in their safety program, bringing forward issues and generating solutions, making sure that the solutions are then implemented and communicated with the service team/shop. Geoff and Ed have also kept the service team involved in the productivity improvement process, increasing productivity and work quality.

Geoff and Ed are committed to creating a culture of service excellence, thinking safety first and to exemplify the TriMet Way. Greg Haley, Powell maintenance manager wrote, “I recognize their long standing commitment has again been demonstrated, is the TriMet Way, and the results they achieve are commendable.”

Thank you Geoff and Ed for going above and beyond!


Rick Douglas, journeyman mechanic, Powell

Rick has maintained a work ethic that “has no equal”, according to his TWA nominator, and has maintained that ethic, and a spotless safety record, for 36 years. Anyone who has had the pleasure to work with Rick will agree that he is one of the most reliable employees at TriMet, willing to tackle any task given to him without complaint whether it’s a late road call, winter duty or yard starts. In addition Rick is a problem solver and is always willing to share his knowledge and skills with others.

Congratulations Rick!


Mary Streifel, client serviced database administrator

For the past 10 years, Mary has worked on-call 24/7, even during vacation, to ensure that the tools that run so many of TriMet’s programs and systems (such as the Bus Dispatch system, ACID and the Oracle Applications) are working correctly. This highly stressful job requires her to interact with people from all parts of the agency to solve complex technical issues. Somehow Mary is able to do it with humor and a smile while always volunteering to help anyone who needs her expertise and always keeping stakeholders in the loop on projects.

A national Oracle consultant said that Mary was “perhaps the finest Oracle Database Administrator I’ve ever encountered.” It is her commitment to customer service, creativity in solving complex technical issues and her personal work ethic that make her embodiment of the TriMet Way Award.

Thank you Mary!


Adriana Britton, Marketing programs coordinator; Tom Strader, senior fare policy program coordinator; and Chris Tucker, Customer Service manager

As a result of a reduction in staff, this interdepartmental team was tasked in June 2010 to review all employer accounts in the Monthly Pass and Annual Pass programs that have the service of mailing individually to employees’ homes. The goal was to move the distribution of their employee passes to one point of contact at each employer location.
Chris Tucker estimates a savings of $23,000 in our direct labor and mailing costs to the City of Portland alone, one of the largest account participating in theses pass programs.

This project was a collaborative effort to develop a communication and transition plan for these employer accounts that included many planning hours with the team and employer partners. Chris was instrumental in facilitating the changes in the fulfillment and distribution process for these programs. Tom worked on the programmatic, fare equity and contractual issues related to the changes, and Adriana was key in facilitating the communication with our employer partners in making these changes. 

Thank you Adriana, Tom and Chris for making this transition a success!


Fred Polsky, software systems engineer V

Fred regularly works 12+ hour shifts, all times of the day and week to insure that the Rail control system is working. In addition to the “regular” maintenance of the system, Fred works on improvements through software upgrades; TriMet would have paid a vendor to make these upgrades to the system if Fred did not do this of his own initiative.

Fred is the “living example” of being responsive. He responds to calls from Control at all hours of the night, weekends, holidays and vacations. He always includes all the appropriate work groups when communicating about maintenance and upgrades to the system.

Congratulations Fred!

Michael Crino, systems engineer II

Michael has been a key partner in setting up and activating the web camera for the PMLR bridge constructions.  Michael is a creative problem solver – when approached two years ago to discuss the desire to have a webcam to document the construction of the new Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge, he assured the team that they could host a webcam that was more cost-effective and more functional that what was installed on the Portland Mall Project.  Michael identified the cameras, coordinated the installation and handled all the back-end technical work.  He also went above and beyond the request and created automated time-lapse daily, weekly and monthly photo series for each camera. Diane Goodwin from Capital Projects says “We love working with Michael.  He’s a creative problem solver and always delivers!”

Way to go Michael!


Freya Isbell, IT Systems analyst

Freya is the type of employee whose versatility, competency and high energy make her the IT “go to” person for both users and developers. She has bolstered the overall user support in the department, providing training and documentation, and proved particularly valuable in her work with the developers facilitating communication among the developers and between the developers and users.

Not only is Freya excellent with internal customers, she possesses a strong initiative and strives to meet whatever career goals she sets for herself. While working in Bus Maintenance, she quickly impressed maintenance staff with her abilities and was given additional responsibilities of supervision and management of the analysts and timekeepers/MMIS clerks. She is versatile, quick, creative and demonstrates strong initiative in all she does.

Way to go Freya!

Guy Tinat, software systems engineer II

During a very difficult transition between development environments in IT, Guy stepped up to the plate to take on the responsibility of reviewing and refactoring the data after the initial launch. He applied the necessary time, energy and expertise to understand the architecture of the system as well as the business logic and make both work together. In addition, he took the time to teach others in his department how to fix problems with the system, which was greatly appreciated by his immediate coworkers.

In this work, Guy shows that he has been responsive to a unfilled need in his department while being inclusive of others affected by the work; and do the right thing by taking on a task that he didn’t have the time for but knew was critical to the overall success of IT and to the many TriMet systems supported by the development environment.

Thanks Guy!

Harold Hutt, software development lead

Harold Hutt is considered to be the “salt of the earth” for the IT department. He is driven to provide systems and features that support TriMet’s business efforts, working with a wide variety of employees in the process.  Harold has gone above and beyond in his efforts to rewrite and redesign CSI to SIP within a very time timeline, with the redesign and rewriting and ERCS to meet changing operations needs, and in working with the user interface programming of the real-time extra board.
Everyone that works with him praises his efforts, speediness, responsiveness and the final result. IT’s good reputation is due in large part to Harold.

Congrats Harold!

Pete Aleman, systems analyst programmer IV

Pete, while working with ill-suited software to create a data base for the Right of Way group, persevered where others would have given up all while being pleasant, flexible and helpful. His open and honest communication with the group as well as his responsiveness made the completion of the project possible, even though it meant having to flex his creative muscles to solve the many problems with the software. His dedication, and sense of humor, made the much needed Right of Way database possible.

Thanks Pete.

Brooke Taylor, drug & alcohol testing program administrator

Brooke’s work as the Drug and Alcohol testing program manager means that she works with people throughout the agency for all drug testing needs. She’s dedicated to doing the best job possible in this roll and is willing to call in or log in to get drug testing results after normal work hours, even when she’s on vacation. She makes herself available by phone day or night to assist managers dealing with an employee who has a potential drug or alcohol issue. This commitment to internal customers is above and beyond the expectations of her position. 

Brooke She quietly and competently does her job, spending time after hours learning how she can do a better job for TriMet. Whether that’s learning the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) drug testing requirements or following up with an employee going through troubled times, Brooke is truly an “unsung” hero of TriMet.

Many thanks Brooke!

James Ryan, bus operator Powell

Jim, who began working at TriMet in 1977, has been a steady, reliable and engaging employee his entire career. Not only has he had 13 years of perfect attendance, he is able to maintain a 91.9% on time performance and receives numerous commendations from his customers. One customer recently called in and said, “I leave work at OHSU on the 8. When I used to get off the 8, I’d have to dart across the street and sometimes I’d miss my transfer, and now Jim is always there knowing I’m coming his way. It’s wonderful not to have to make a mad dash for it, especially since I’m seven months pregnant. Jim makes my trip home from work every night so nice. He is truly wonderful and I’m so appreciative.”

Co-workers describe Jim as caring, reliable, dependable and genuine. He has given drivers rides home at night and not expected or asked for anything in return.

Jim’s outstanding record, which includes 24 Superior Performance Awards (SPAs), Grand Master Operator status and 23 years of safe driving, is an asset to the Powell garage and to TriMet.

Congratulations Jim on being a model of TriMet’s values!



Brian Runyan, mini-run operator, Powell

As Powell’s Safety Representative, Brian goes above and beyond the call of duty. He acts on behalf of operators by sharing concerns raised through Yellow Cards and now the new RSA (Request for Safety Assessment) process, and aiding management in their review, ensuring that operators receive a response. He also brings issues to the District Safety Committee for review if it impacts the entire system or other garages.

Brian enthusiastically takes initiative in safety matters by walking locations and corresponding with operators to make sure issues have been resolved. He volunteers his own time to attend the Garage Maintenance Safety Committee meetings as an operator representative, to conduct site walks relating to Yellow Card/RSA issues, and to attend scheduling meetings to make sure the operator’s voice is heard.  All of these actions demonstrate Brian’s commitment to TriMet’s values – acting responsively, doing the right thing and solving problems creatively.

Thank you Brian for your commitment to safety!


Jennifer Lyman, engineer III, Capital Projects

Jenny has an unusual ability to identify “big picture” problems and take the initiative to find workable solutions, despite sitting apart from her immediate coworkers and lacking key resources needed for her job. She embodies a commitment of being responsive by anticipating challenges, and acting inclusively by connecting different perspectives of the organization.  Jenny also embodies these values in her volunteer work for CASA (you can read more about her volunteer work on 

Dan Hoyt says, “I believe she has the twin talents of being able to independently identify and assess work that needs to be addressed as well as work with others to contribute to a team effort. For the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail project she is the key person that links the designers with those buying needed property.“

Thank you Jenny!



Jason Grohs, system engineer II, Capital Projects 

Jason is the Capital Projects vehicle engineer in support of WES and the Project Manager for the RDC (Rail Diesel Cars) retrofit project. His leadership and work ethic drove the RDC project to completion. He is considered a rising star in the Capital Projects systems engineering department with his work as the primary vehicle engineer for systems. His support of the DMU, Type 4 LRV project and RDC project has been invaluable to his internal partners. Darren Morris, Manager of Commuter Rail Operations states, "I have never worked with a more energetic and dedicated employee in all my 17+ years at TriMet."

Congratulations Jason!


Nick Stewart, real property specialist, Capital Projects

Nick has created an impressive Google Earth presentation with a wealth of alignment and PMLR project information, all while continuing the duties of his "day job" as a real property specialist. Through his work with Google Earth, Nick has demonstrated his ability to anticipate problems and find creative solutions; to do the right thing by putting out the extra effort to create something that has proven to be very useful for the Capital Projects team.

Thanks Nick!


Janni Baugh, real property specialist, Capital Projects

As a real property specialist, Janni collaborates well with a variety of people and handles difficult situations professionally. She is a dedicated worker and quick to volunteer for activities that fall outside her work-hours or scope of responsibility. Dan Hoyt, LRV mechanic says, "in all my dealings with her, she brings a sense of humor, teamwork and problem-solving attitude."

Congratulations Janni!


Jessica Bucciarelli, employee communications coordinator, Organization Development 

In the spirit of both the focus on 'safety first' and trying to find new and better ways to engage frontline employees, Jessica branded and developed the concept of the Safety Exchange. Safety Exchange is an opportunity for staff to meet with frontline employees in the field, report rooms and other work areas to have one-on-one or small group conversations on safety-related topics. To date, Jessica has coordinated twelve meetings in six locations on three topics, giving a few hundred employees the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns.

Jessica has spent most of her five years at TriMet focusing on ways to provide accurate, timely and relevant information to frontline employees and provide them with opportunities to share their input. She has a passion for communications and transit,and has already received two Agency Awards for her work with the Bus Bridge and Bus Relocation teams.

Way to go Jessica!

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